Shay L Bellasea
Credential Number: MA60739078

Endorsed to perform Intraoral Massage

Currently in the Craniosacral Certification Program taught by Lauren Christman through The Therapeutic Training Center, Inc.


I am a graduate of DiscoveryPoint School of Massage with a particular interest in the mind-body connection. I am fascinated in how mental and emotional stresses can manifest in the physical body and cause pain, illness and disease. With the belief that human touch is a basic need and a powerful healing tool, my goal is to help you feel free in your body, mind and soul.  

I am a compassionate listener with a warm and grounded approach. Drawing from both professional and personal experience, I aim to help clients achieve their goals of healing, restoration, well-being, and growth.

As an active body, I have relied on body work for maintenance and repair to keep moving comfortably and efficiently.  After a devastating injury, massage played a key role in my rehabilitation, both physically and mentally. I have no doubt that regular treatment early on significantly improved my recovery time and greatly enhanced the end result.

I am also a biostatistician involved in clinical trials in cancer research. I am an avid bike commuter and find joy in dancing, trail running, and practicing yoga.